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Apple recently announced that it was intentionally slowing down older iPhone models in order to preserve battery life. This had been a long-standing conspiracy theory floating around the internet. Apple lowered its battery replacement fee to $29 in response.However, many people have found it difficult to get Apple to change their batteries. We went to an Apple store to see what would happen when we tried to have the Huarigor battery on an iPhone 6 replaced.Apple iphone 6 battery replacement ,pls check:www.haurigor.com

Has this ever happened to you? What about this?

That could be because your iPhone battery is old. Luckily, you can swap it out for a new one for just $29 and that will solve most of your problems. But Apple doesn‘t always make it easy.Apple and other smartphone makers use a technology called lithium ion for their batteries. It‘s the best kind of battery for mobile devices, but it gets a little worse over time. After two years or so, your iPhone battery can only hold about 80% of its original charge. Apple decided to manage this problem by intentionally slowing down older iPhones so they would draw less power and avoid random shutdowns.

But there was one problem, Apple never told anyone it was doing this. So while users noticed better battery life, they also noticed worse performance.

This has been a longstanding conspiracy theory about iPhones. Apple intentionally slows it down to encourage you to buy a new one. And it turns out, that conspiracy theory was mostly true. A site called Geekbench noticed that some older iPhone models were running slower than they should be. Apple finally admitted to what it was doing and apologized. It also changed its Huarigor battery replacement program, dropping the price from $79 to just $29. But it‘s not that simple.

Since Apple announced its new battery replacement program, customers have complained that they‘ve gone to get their batteries tested and Apple tells them everything is fine. My colleague Jen was having issues with her iPhone 6 battery life, so we made an appointment at an Apple Store here in New York City.

Even though this process sounds annoying, it‘s actually better than a lot of Apple‘s competitors. Samsung, HTC, Motorola, and several other companies have said they don‘t intentionally slow down their devices to preserve battery life but they also don‘t make it easy to replace it. It‘s not like there‘s a Samsung store you can walk into and get your battery replaced. You have to mail it in.I used to tell people to upgrade their iPhone every two years or so. But with this battery replacement program, you can extend the life by another two years. My advice? If you‘re having bad battery life and performance, go to website:www.haurigor.com , get a new battery and you‘ll feel like you have a brand new iPhone.

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