Teach yourself to replace your iPhone‘s battery and save money
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Apple has just admitted human intervention in the performance of older iPhone models such as the iPhone 6, iPhone 6s, iPhone 7 and iPhone SE, with iOS system estimates lowering processor performance in response to battery aging.Apple‘s plan is to reduce the CPU‘s main frequency in order to save power, but it also directly leads to poor performance of the device, which feels like a carton.Maybe some users will replace their new phone if they think the device is slow, but now there‘s a simpler solution: replace the battery.

repalcement iphone 6 battery

First, we need to determine if our device battery needs to be replaced, so we can check the battery status in the battery Settings.If your battery does need replacing, a special App will give you a tip.Once you‘ve decided to replace the battery on your old iPhone, you‘ll be faced with two options.Change by yourself or someone else.

Of course, if you choose to change your phone, you will take a certain risk, and it is easy to damage the phone if you are not careful.But if you‘re willing to try it out for yourself, you‘ll find that following the online tutorial guide is a lot easier than you think, and the cost of doing it yourself is much lower.


For those users who are ready to do their own DIY battery replacement, check out some of the online tutorials video before you do anything, and buy a suite of professional tools from the iFixit team that, in addition to batteries, includes specialized tools to make the process easier.In fact, the whole process is very easy, just a few steps.

Unscrew the case.

Take the screen apart and remove the screws from the stationary battery.Next, heat the back of the battery to raise the temperature of the glue, making it easier for the battery to fall off.Then install the new battery and follow the original steps to restore it.Also, prepare your own kit beforehand, most of the battery + kit costs $30

Help professionals

If you don‘t have confidence in your skills, or if you want to turn to apple‘s official after-sales service, apple can offer a free replacement on several conditions.First, your iPhone is under warranty, or you bought AppleCare+ service, and you need apple to confirm that the battery is faulty before you replace it for free.But the random problem is less likely to be identified as a problem, so you‘ll have to pay an extra $79 if your phone‘s battery doesn‘t decay enough and you want to replace it.

Previously, apple said it would replace the battery for free for some users, who must be customers who bought the iPhone 6s between September and October 2015, and who experienced a sudden shutdown problem.You can check the serial number of your device to see if it meets the requirements.Of course, only if your device has not been dismantled or repaired.

Of course, you can go to the apple store or after-sales service.Store repairs can be done at once, according to apple, and in more complex cases it can take three to five days.If apple offers an alternative to the transition, that means longer repairs.Because apple will not only replace your battery, it will also restore water resistance.

If you don‘t meet any of these criteria, or find apple‘s official repairs too expensive, there are plenty of third-party services to choose from, or go to the local maintenance community.But for iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus users, such pathways can easily lose their waterproofing features, while iPhone 6, iPhone 6s and iPhone SE users don‘t have much impact.As for the price, most repairs are $40.