How to replace an iPhone battery?
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How to replace an iPhone battery?

How do you know if you’d benefit from a new battery? Try a new iphone battery replacement : Apple has promised a software update soon that gives us more visibility into battery health. For now, though, if your phone is really bad off there might be a warning message when you dig into the settings menu. Or here’s a yardstick: If your iPhone can’t last from morning coffee to happy hour on a single charge, it’s time.


Anyone with an iPhone 6 is eligible for the $6 replacement, you could get a new iphone battery for replacement. ( Remember, this isn’t just about improving battery life; some tests have found replacing the battery can result in speed improvements of over 100 percent.


To get a new battery, log on, and then select iPhone, then Battery, then Battery replacement. If you feel difficult to replace the huarigor smart cell phone battery,you could connect


Huarigor smart cell phone factory with 10 working experience could improve this process. There are a few other options. If you live far away from us and have a backup phone handy, you could mail your iPhone to Huarigor to replace the battery. 


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