The strongest promo in phone battery industry - approaching Huarigor
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Recently, in the "2019 Spring Festival Art Evening", Huarigor‘s new corporate video was first made.


After the upgrade of the brand strategy, this promotional film truly reflects Huarigor‘s strength in research and development and quality management of mobile phone batteries.


"Hua", based in China, serving the world!

"Yanke", strict quality management, safe and stable high quality products!


Combining brand value, product quality, production line, and service, the promotional film conveys Huarigor‘s new brand concept and demonstrates the pursuit of “strict” product quality.


“Huarigor, battery for iphone, high capacity, long lasting”


Shining in a smart, interconnected city, Huarigor‘s mobile phone battery makes mobile internet more cool and exciting.


Huarigor, a name that cannot be ignored in the mobile phone battery industry at home and abroad.


Huarigor mobile phone battery series include Apple mobile phone compatible battery, Samsung mobile phone compatible battery, Huawei mobile phone compatible battery and other brands.


Huarigor has a full range of mobile phone compatible battery solutions;

Huarigor has independently developed a unique battery protection chip;

Huarigor proposed a variety of solutions such as Texas Instruments TI chip and Taiwan Zhongying chip;


"Huarigor, high quality battery"


The promo film captured the key aspects of production and demonstrated the strict quality requirements of Huarigor.


Huarigor has a base of more than 8,000 square meters of Dongguan factory, with a clean and standardized production workshop, fully automated production line, and standardized operation.


Huarigor invested 20 million to build nine fully automated production lines with a daily capacity of up to 100,000 mobile phone batteries.


Modern automatic production line, industry-leading production scale and process, standardized operation process, perfect logistics and supply chain, Huarigor firmly believes that quality is the soul of the product.


Huarigor‘s factory has passed ISO9001 quality management system and ISO14001 environmental management system. Most of Huarigor‘s products have passed international certifications such as CE, RoHS, UN38.3, and MSDS.


“Working with Huarigor to create brilliance”

Huarigor recruits agents worldwide with professional services, offering minimum prices and high subsidies, providing marketing and sales support to achieve a win-win situation.