Joining the Huarigor network distributor or agent comes with great benefits
Time: 2018-08-26 Reads: 567 Edit: Admin
Become a distributor or an agent for Huarigor mobile phone battery products in the Us and/or worldwide,selling iphone replacement battery and other mobile phone battery. These are new products which have generated great interest to those who want with high quality, stable performance, high capacity and long battery life and help the environment at the same time.
Whether your company is involved in the supply of mobile battery production service, cell phone sales services or is a  mobile phone repair store and wherever you are in the world;
as an agent or distributor, we can work with you to help supply our unique one-stop phone battery solution products to help your customers save costs and solve mobile phone battery problems quickly .join us ,we will offer the following supports:
1.More discount, All products will give you a  incredible discount price ,and there is the sales target rebates. The more the sales, the more the rebates.
2.Training Provided,provided you the newest iphone battery replacement solutions,trainings and supports.
3.Marketing Support,Huarigor will provide a comprehensive range of marketing support  website and social media web banners, videos, technical animations, approved images/logos and website templates,friendly links,SEO service.