Iphone Battery Sales Promotion get free apple battery
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Year-end Sales Promotion

iphone battery price
(Supply is limited, first comers first get till all gives out)
Start Day: Dec.1st,2018
Products:Battery for iPhone (4G,4S,5G,5S,5C,SE,6G,6P,6S,6SP,7G,7P,8G,8P) 
Payment & Delivery Terms:
1.30% of the total order amount is used as a down payment, and the deposit will be directly deducted from the final payment.
2.Cash transactions: You need to pay the corresponding goods before each shipment.
3.The corresponding order must be completed within one month from the date of receipt of the deposit.
Specific promotion Rules:
A.order <2000pcs,No preferential gifts
B.2000pcs≦order <10000pcs, you will get: 100pcs≦ preferential gifts<500pcs
C.10000pcs≦order <20000pcs, you will get: 500pcs≦ preferential gifts<1400pcs
D.order≧20000pcs,you will get preferential gifts ≧2000pcs