Huarigor Red Love action with you,Donate blood, donate love
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With the growing winter in Guangdong, the Shenzhen Lions Club held the 9th "Red Action" blood donation public welfare activity at the Longhua Dalang Commercial Center on January 6, 2019. After learning about the event, Xin Ruiming‘s leadership quickly organized the event. Enthusiastic and caring colleagues not only donated blood but also invested in the volunteer propaganda team.

Mr. Xu, the general manager of Xin Ruiming, held a propaganda card in the shape of a drop of blood, led the two children to distribute leaflets, promoted the spirit of blood donation, and encouraged everyone to donate blood without compensation.


The main process of participating in blood donation is filling out the form, physical examination, blood drawing, and receiving a blood donation certificate. The whole process is convenient and hygienic.


The atmosphere of the blood donation activity was lively, and the love made the winter warm and warm; the blood donors were everywhere.


They stretched out their arms and offered their own blood for others.They have a sincere smile on their faces, and they are happy to help others.There is great love in the heart, selfless dedication, in order to give life a chance to continue.


The continuation of a life comes from your courage to give a blood. Helping others can also promote physical and mental health. You are helping more than just individuals, but saving countless families.


Xin Rui Ming Company has always been adhering to the principle of doing things seriously, spreading positive energy and contributing to societyand actively participating in social welfare activities. We regard the blood donation as an important carrier for enterprises and employees to fulfill their social responsibilities, and demonstrate the noble qualities of selfless dedication and helping others with practical actions.

Public welfare has never had an end, and we will wait for a better self in the future love activities.