How to judge whether the battery in mobile phones is normal
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Battery in mobile phones is the most easy to wear part of the mobile phone, the aging battery in mobile phones is easy to bring security risks, so how to judge battery in mobile phones is normal? Here a cell phone battery wholesaler will teach you a few ways.
How to judge whether the battery in mobile phones is normal
How to judge whether battery in mobile phones is normal?
Batteries are the key components of all digital devices, not only for endurance, but also for the safety of the entire equipment. There are still a few tips for judging the health of mobile phone batteries and putting an end to hidden dangers.
First of all, the simplest way is to observe the appearance of batteries. If battery in mobile phones is dismantling, it will be very convenient. If the battery contacts appear white or green corrosion marks, this is the initial indication of battery failure. If some parts of battery in mobile phones begin to appear salient, then be very careful not to continue to use them.
Of course, battery aging is not formed in one day. If we want to put an end to hidden dangers as soon as possible, we can find out the unnoticeable small bulges by rotating test. The method is very simple. Look for a horizontal surface, such as a desktop rotary battery. If the battery rotates very quickly, it shows that the surface of the battery is not smooth.

Use software to look at the health of the battery
For some phones that use built-in batteries, the more convenient way to check them is through software. If you use the Android phone, you can enter the "*#*#4636#*#*" at the dial interface. You can enter the engineering interface and find the battery information items. You can see the detailed battery information, including the battery health, which can be referred to.
If it is iPhone, some management applications, such as iBackupBot, can be used to check the number of charging times of battery in mobile phones, the actual battery capacity and so on. If the total electricity loss exceeds 20% of the original power, the replacement should be considered (the loss of lithium battery cell phone will lose 20% after 500 times of charge and discharge).